Painting a portrait in oil is the best way to celebrate and enjoy your horse for years to come. My goal is for you to be totally satisfied with the end product. To date, I have paintings in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada, as well as the US. Here are some of the comments I receive.

“I had three 16×20 paintings of three separate horse painted.  Such a great way to always have my “boys” forever. And the paintings are just phenomenal.  I have them framed and hung where I can see them at all times.”  K.L.

“Five stars” B.B.

“So awesome !!!” S.P.

“I feel as though I could reach out and pat that beauty…” P.N.

“Mr. Holder’s artwork is a dream come true for any horse enthusiast. His paintings are so lifelike, and each feature (especially the eyes) are painted with such precision and detail that you can imagine the horse’s personality and demeanor. Looking at the painting, you almost anticipate the horse trotting out of its stall at any moment. I have no idea how he does it, but his paintings look more like a still life photograph until you get close enough to see the delicate brush strokes. We are honored to be lucky enough to enjoy his artwork in our own home”. M.B.

“How do you paint it to make it look so real! You are so talented!” M.T.

“Oh my!! I was blown away. Your paintings are fabulous!” H.B.

“I love how the eye has come alive. Very expressive”. R.G.

“It takes my breath away….” P.M.

“Wow that’s stunning”. M.H.

“Danny did a wonderful job on the portrait of my horse, he really has an eye for detail and made the portrait come to life and you can see the life in the eyes of my horse. It is an amazing treasure that I will cherish forever.” S.P.

“Outstanding!!” S.R.

“Wow – Beautiful” K.H.

“Absolutely Beautiful” J.B.

“Oh my, feel the horses tension as if he could leap out of the picture! J.W.

“Just gorgeous !!!” M.E.

“Strikingly real looking” C.C.

“Wow…sooo good!!” V.B.

“Stunning!” K.F.

“…It looks like the horse could come right out of the picture” C.A.

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